Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Round and round the sun we go; the moon goes round the earth. We do not die of death we die of vertigo!"

Sometimes, it's hard to not believe in some higher force orchestrating things from afar, because life is far too wicked and ironic for me sometimes. For instance, the night that I cave and finally take my sleeping pills, I spend hugging a toilet because of an unforeseen bad reaction, and so I end up awake anyways. Meanwhile, the night before gave the best sleep I've had in ages, however brief it might have been, and achieved without ever going near those stupid pills.

The family is off in Italy and, as a result, my brother and I have had the home to ourselves entirely. Needless to say, each day has been quite interesting. Since exams ended last week, I've spent a grand total of two days sober. 2/7 isn't so bad at all, I don't think!

I've been spending time outside my usual circle and I've got to say, it's actually very liberating. I've said it before, but meeting new people is always a fun experience for me. Or, just getting to know people that I never took the time to before, equally fulfilling! The point is that boxing myself in was not a wise choice and now I am going to spend days talking to bums, strangers, passerby and anything remotely alive-looking that I come across.

Speaking of bums, what's with homeless people in this town growing more and more bold? Can we not drink in a park in the middle of the afternoon without being accosted by some dumpster-dweller? We understand that we're essentially drinking on your lawn, but asking for my beer is like asking for my HEART. Scratch that, I'd rather give up my pump-organ than my liquid happy. Hilariously enough, he had a nice pair of snake-skin boots.

Not a good year for sports! All my teams were hit with early eliminations! The Giants, Juventus, Liverpool, and now the Canadiens! We're out of the playoffs, but I only just got started growing out a beard and have no desire to shave just yet. So, I've decided that I'm going to continue to carelessly let the face-fuzz run rampant across my visage. The progress will doubtlessly feature on dailybooth at some point or another, so if you're not already on there and following me, what are you waiting for?

We haven't even begun summer yet and already this vacation is shaping out to be infinitely better than the last. I'm strangely at peace with all the occurrences in Javland. Oh, certainly there is drama and due stupidity, but when you don't really much care, it simply becomes entertaining. Or maybe it's just because I'm allegedly a "shitty person" or "the worst person ever", or my personal favorite, "the original asshole." My only regret is that these people don't have the nerve to voice their opinions to my face, so I can better demonstrate my assholery in full-force.

I desperately need new reading material. Late nights are unbearable without a good book to keep my company and I've finished everything on my list of things to read. So, if you've heard of or put down some particularly fun novels lately, throw some suggestions my way! I'll love you forever if you do.

Wolverine: Origins comes out in theatres next week and I am absolutely, positively, utterly and completely beyond excited for this movie. My three favorite Marvel characters on film, two of which appearing for the first time? Gambit and Deadpool equate to fanboy-mode Javex. True story.

and finally, in music land, I am all about four albums right now. Bitte Orca, by the Dirty Projectors, It's Blitz! by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fantasies by Metric and Chunk of Change by Passion Pit. I recommend all of them to everyone, ever.

And with that, I'm going to go play more RE:5 'til sunrise.
Goodnight, droogs!


harlequin said...

I agree about the bum thing, they're starting to freak me out. The other day a bum grabbed my arm and held his hand out for like 2 minutes. He didn't even bother saying anything, just pushed and shoved his way through the metro and just expected people to drop their change. WTF?!

I gave him nothing, because I can't stand people that are rude, bum or not.

I'd suggest a couple of books, but the only books I ever take interest in anymore are all graphic design books. If someone ends up suggesting something cool enough to read, let me know!

ps can't stop listening to God is an astronaut. thank you so much darling.


Christopher said...

I love your blog so much it makes me smile inside, and believe me that's hard!
Reading wise I suggest:
the time travelers wife,
FOr now, I will post more later, I get audio books so I can listen to them on the go. When I finished this next lot, I will pass the info on if they are any good.