Saturday, April 11, 2009

Polaroids of Polarbears.

I've got the first Alexisonfire album blasting and a Foufs-induced headache still pounding away at my brain. Saying that this feels familiar would be a huge under-statement. Still, it was a goodnight! Well worth losing my voice shouting at strangers and singing Spice Girls at the top of my lungs for. (Hilariously, every song I sang before we entered the club was played once we were inside. Ace of Base included.)

I can't help but feel like now that I'm done school for the summer, I've nothing overly productive to do and while at first, I embraced this idea whole-heartedly, I now find myself very much put off by the it. Sure, I've several projects lined up to keep me busy, but frankly, it won't be enough. I don't, however, want to spend my entire summer doing nothing but working as last year went, 'lest I die from boredom and the subsequent lonliness.

Interestingly, I've found a nice, thin, long cut that stretches from the top of my left rib, just under my heart, down to just under the fourth rib moving outward. No idea how I got it, or even when. I hadn't even noticed it until I took a shower earlier and my chest began to sting. (No, I don't often look at mirrors whilst topless.)

Tomorrow, I'm going downtown to trade in my DS Lite for a new, sexy Nintendo DSi. I haven't decided on which colour to get, but it's going to be the new apple of my eye for quite a while to come, especially since my Xbox hasn't come home yet. (Miss you, seXbox.)

These pretzels are making me thirsty.

Oh, for those keeping track, I'm still operating on zero sleep. Go me!

I just finished watching Moulin Rouge for the 30th time and I forgot how much I love Ewan McGregan is this movie. Nicole Kidman, not so much. At any rate, what with that tear-jerker ending, I need something violent or funny or both to lighten my spirits.

Or Skins. Because I haven't marathoned the first Generation in a while. (read: few days.)
Or maybe the Sopranos? I haven't watched it over since the series officially ended. (and terribly, I might add.) Mind, I could also go with Roswell. (which makes me think of you, Chrissy.)

Anything, really, to keep me company.

Oh, hey, cool! My nose just started bleeding all on it's own. That's fun! Yet another clear sign that my body is falling apart, I suppose. That and the fact that I found gray hair on my head. Despite my initial joy at the idea of having a head full of grey hair, growing it incredibly long and calling myself Sephiroth, (a joke I think that will go over most of your heads.) it's actually kind of disturbing.

Does anyone remember the Bots Master cartoon from the early 90's? The one that was partially in 3d, so if you bought the toys and had the glasses, you could see the ninja robot jump out at you, or the explosions come out of your tv set? I just found those 3d glasses in a time-capsule shoe-box along with my Sega Game Gear and some comic books (Mostly Deadpool and Gambit. Some things never change.) Anyways, I'm torrenting the entire series now and going to make the most of these glasses. IT'S LASER TIME!!1!!1! (Oh, how I miss corny 90's catch-phrases.)

Have any of you guys ever made yourselves time-capsules? If so, what've you stuck inside 'em if it was recently and if you don't remember, have you ever opened one? I used to make a bunch and left myself treasure maps to them.


Aalex The Greco said...

Speaking of 90's cartoons,

I remember Bots Master...I felt weird. 90's rap in cartoons make me feel sick.

christina d said...

and last but not least:
(DO IT! you know you want to.)

SeaweedDrip said...

Alexisonfire ftw=)

I went to Montreal last summer to visit family, and I can honestly say that I have no idea how you can even partially stand the humidity there. You all must be temperature chameleons, with your effing freezing winters and ridiculously hot summers.

Do you speak french?


jav said...

@Alex: bahaha, 90's rap in cartoons was so tacky and wonderful.

@Christina: Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
Animaniacs especially made my life.

I guess you grow accustomed to it when you've been in a place all your life. I'm definitely a chameleon, though more of the karma variety.

I do speak french, yes, though not nearly as well as I'd like.

SeaweedDrip said...

Chameleons of all sorts are fantastic.
I'm in french immersion,, so I can kinda speak french, but not to actual decent french speakers.

jav said...

Aw, at least you're learning. Most people don't even bother! I'm sure you speak it more than well enough :)