Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am having a hard time finding things both clever and worth saying on this blog. I feel this is because for the last little while, my life has been wholly unexciting; an empty shell of what my life normally is and should be.

Why, you might ask! Well, that's simple. Midterms are over and now, the crunch to make it to my finals has begun. I have upwards of 8 essays to write over the coming weeks, three short stories, two in-depth analysis papers and a set of works written by other classmates that I need to peer-edit. In short, my head is spinning and I've not the energy or the time to go out on an adventure. This makes me sad. Very, very sad.

On the bright side, all this time spent sitting in front of a computer has given me a mountain of new bands to listen to. Nothing in the universe excites me more than having an iPod freshly loaded with artists that I've never heard before and a long trip to listen to them on. What with this cold, I'm left taking the bus and wandering downtown which is always nice but...

I'm craving summer and it's getting bad. I miss walking around parks and neighborhoods at 4 a.m. when I have nothing else to do thanks to my darling friend, insomnia. I miss scorching hot days that make you glad there's ice cream in your belly and a pool in your backyard. I miss that feeling of the cool breeze against you, and the way the night air feels so very alive.

So, while downtown today I saw a sign that said "God is not a Science." Apparently this is part of a campaign to keep religion out of public schools, but more specifically, to keep the creationism theory out of science classes. I love it. It's about time some logical opinion was voiced publicly instead of the usual "go to church or go to hell", "jesus saves" nonsense.

I am dying for new Gossip Girl episodes. Monday cannot come fast enough.

And finally, I did a video for a friend's youtube channel! She needed someone to throw questions at and asked me if I was interested. I couldn't refuse! The end result was kind of incredible, so watch it!


Melissa said...

the title of your post, and the video, reminds me exactly of what i learned in my sex class tonight. we spoke about STI's. woo.

Kristen said...

There is NOTHING like the night-time air in the summer. Nothing like it at all.

harlequin said...

i love reading your posts, so keep posting no matter how "boring" and "eventless" your life may seem.

And Gossip girl is taking way too long, I couldn't agree more.

I miss 4 am summer walks. sigh, soon!!

Anonymous said...

wow, that was so fun to read and watch :)

yay for poke'mon and sailormoon!