Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hell (I can go there!)

So, strange thing happened to me today. There I was, minding my own business waiting on a metro to show up so I could make my way downtown to class like I do every Monday morning. Same exact routine, same spot I always stand in, giant 750ml Monster in my hand, iPod blasting music, you get the picture.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice this old woman sitting on the bench. She looked sweet, frail and you just knew she was someone's loving grandmother. If I had a heart, it would've been considerably warmed. Well, the metro arrives and I step on. This far back and early in the morning, the place is empty so there are seats everywhere. Before I could sit down, however, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I was obviously surprised, I mean, I'm generally in my own little world whilst traveling, especially at 7 am when the rest of us generally function on autopilot. It was the old woman! She looked up at me and, in this sweet, remarkably unaccented english, told me flat out to go to hell. I wish I were kidding or exaggerating. Her exact words were "Go to hell."

I didn't even think to ask her why she'd say something like that. Do I give off the impression that I'm a menacing or bad person? (I'd kind of like that, not going to lie.) Generally, I'd have some witty response for the woman and would then continue to hand her back her proverbial ass. I did say something, in so much that I quoted Milton and told her that it'd be better to reign in hell, but even that I can't be sure why I said it. Hell instinctively makes me think Paradise Lost. I guess after that 25 page paper I had to crank out on it last semester, it shouldn't be that surprising. It was just a very odd exchange and I've been thinking about it all day. I can't, for the life of me, imagine what I could've done to make this woman wish eternal damnation upon me.

If I believed in souls, or an afterlife, that would have been deeply upsetting!

In other news, two more weeks until the semester is done and I'll be blissfully free, on vacation for the summer! Three essays, two short stories, five poems and a research paper away from freedom. No problem!

Then, even more incredibly, another two months until the Italy trip. I had the choice between spending two days in Spain or in England before going to Italy itself and deciding has been a headache and a half.

A lot of people have been doing this lately and I've been giving it serious thought as well, but on the subject of traveling, I think that once I finish my B.A. for Lit/Creative Writing, I'm going to participate in that "Teach Abroad For A Year" program they have going on. Particularly Japan, because let's face it, I want to ride in their giant robots. It'd be an amazing experience, not to mention I'd love to just be able to drop everything a live a completely new life for a year...and in Japan of all places! My only real hesitation is learning the language, but I have plenty of time (re: two years) to get that done, or at least a solid feel for it.

I'm sorry this entry is more in the personal vein and less in the witty, arrogant ramblings I usually engage in. I promise, there'll be plenty of that coming up, as well as two new videos I've been working on and meaning to finish. I haven't neglected you, intarwebz!

Old ladies suck.

To my Insomnia,

It's nearly 4:30 am. Again. Please do me a favor and take a vacation or something? I am getting more and more restless and you're turning me into a zombie. Not that I don't enjoy the extra time for everything and the other fun perks that come with never sleeping, but we need some time apart.



harlequin said...

I find it funny that you signed your letter to insomnia with love, although you truly despise it.

As for the old lady, shit like that just happens. Looks can be deceiving, and maybe she has Alzheimer's or she's some sort of mentally ill and you reminded her of her grandson that doesn't visit her any more. It could be anything, but I wouldn't take it personally.

As for Japan, really Jav? For a whole year? I mean it sound exciting and all and it'll definitely be an experience, but I personally would rather just visit the place than live there for an entire year. Remember, Japan is far from relaxation, if anything 100 times more hectic, and with school just being over don't you want to go somewhere a little less crazy?

just my thoughts on the matter. As for picking England or Spain, I'd say England!

jav said...

It's a love-hate relationship between my insomnia and I, in that I love to hate it.

I can only hope there was something to that extent involved with that old lady. I'd hate to think my villainy would be so apparent!

As for Japan, well, I wouldn't really be going for relaxing so much as for a culture shock and complete change in scenery. I need my life to be hectic, because if I'm at peace, my mind goes crazy and I can't deal with that. Strange, I know. A year does seem kind of long, but really it'd be worth the experience. Not to mention it would both look great on a resume and help me get my Masters when I eventually go for it.

And really, the only other viable options are South Korea (nothnx) or India, where I could never survive.

England in the summer does sound kind of nice...and I am a sucker for a place with history.

christina d said...

whoa! crazy old ladies!

once i was walking home from the bus stop and this lady kept staring at me with these crazy eyes and when she got next to me, she leaned against the fence not to get to close and hissed at me. i just walked away....

people have problems.