Sunday, February 8, 2009

We Only Come Out At Night

So, it's 4:44 a.m. I figure that's an appropriate time as any to start writing a new blog for the week. It's sunday! Ha, that means I've a day left to finish two papers that I probably won't even consider starting until sometime around midnight. That's dedication for you!

I've been playing on my computer a lot of late, and I don't mean games. What with my new-found hobby of vlog-making, I've been goofing around quite a bit with all the editing software I can get my hands on. Beyond that, I found a torrent full of great VSTi plugins for Adobe Auditions, Mixcraft and my personal favorite? An 8-bit synth sequencer for FL Studio. Basically, I've been composing NES-era music all weekend. It's a ridiculous amount of fun, except that it's worrisome how much time I can actually, willing spend sitting here, in front of this screen.

Oh well! I've had a social life, it's overrated. Besides, so long as it's still winter, I'm going to continue to be a hermit. In that regard, I've been sober for two weeks now. Two whole weeks. That isn't to say I haven't had a drink or twenty, but not drunk! Ha, I haven't done something quite like this since...well, when I had to go those six months after the alcohol poisoning fiasco. Wet shrimp, anyone? Girls just want to have fun will never be the same, ever.

I'm in a strange place at the moment. I'm feeling this intense need to be as creative as humanly possible in as many ways as I can imagine, but at the same time, I don't actually feel motivated to do anything productive. Of course, I blame academia for this and the many stressing and discouraging factors that come as a result of college life. All the same, it feels good to have so many outlets at my finger-tips again. Especially in terms of music, which is something I had (foolishly) cut out of my life for some time.


Uh, Blink 182 reunion! What the hell? Talk about completely out of nowhere. Wasn't Tom Delonge just saying not too long ago that he wouldn't ever play those songs again just because he's "grown up" or something? Whatever the reason, this should be interesting even if only for the sake of nostalgia. The last two years have been full of great bands getting back together. Death From Above? Take a page from it. Oh, hey, Mars Volta? Sparta? Join forces. Get back to being At the Drive-In, kthnx.

Someone told me today that they think the 90's are going to make a comeback, but really, is that such a good idea? I mean, sure Nickelodeon was spectacular and t.v. in general was at it's best but...

do we really want grunge to happen a second time? Or what about Nu-Metal? Baggy jeans and extra-large band t-shirts with backwards baseball caps or cotton-flannel shirts three sizes too big over baggy jeans? On the bright side, we could bring Kurt Cobain back to life so he can kill himself again. I'd be perfectly down with that.


No idea what I'm writing about anymore, which means it's as good a time as any to stop.

p.s. Chrissy, I found the photobooth picture. I stuck it in my wallet to show you next chance I get. Methinks it time we takes some new ones, too!


christina d said...

yes yes new photobooth pictures

Simonne said...

I was actually listening to blink182 a week ago with my roomate, and we were talking about how good they were and how they should do a reunion.

And bam! 2 days ago he tells me they're doing a reunion.

I'm going to watch the Grammys tonight just to see them.

About the 90s, we have to bring back Limp Bizkit. They're still together I think, but the new music sucks. Break Stuff!

andru said...

BLINK 182 reunion ? can this be true. best news of 2009

jav said...

Chrissy: Suhweet!

Simonne: Oh god, Limp Bizkit's new stuff is completely and utterly vomit-inducing. The days of Fred Durst being an angry bastard are long gone.

Andru: They've made it official. New album, new tour, the band is back. My life is officially made.