Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's in Your Head?

Wow, the adventures never seem to cease around here. By that, of course, I mean that I'm bored out of my mind. I cannot stand Friday nights when there is absolutely nothing to do, if only because of the added suck of knowing that it is friday night, after all.

I sort of broke my phone tonight, too. By sort of, I mean that it got snapped in half. Yes, for those that know me, this is the shitty Razr that I had replacing my other phone, which met a watery end. During the night's adventures over in the land of BlogTV with the ever-amazing Gwynzilla, I sort of dropped my power-ranger morpher onto my spare laptop battery which, in turn, fell and dragged my t.v. converter down with it onto my cell phone, which was charging on the floor. One loud crash later and, thanks to gravity, I am now without a cell phone. Hopefully I can find some other old, shitty replacement lying around until I can buy a new one...but really, enough is enough. This is three cell phones in the span of two months.

It's only week three into the semester and I already feel like I'm behind on so much material. Two papers to write, a 5 page poem, two short stories and an exam to study for. Oh, how I miss the simple times of getting drunk at 10 a.m., going to Rat Hole and just playing guitar all day.

In non-shitty news, I randomly got a cheque in the mail the other day for some piece of prose I got published like, two years ago. I hadn't thought about it in a really long time and while it's only something like 70$, that is still pretty sweet to have dropped on your lap.

I guarantee it won't last me through the weekend, though.

It is fucking cold outside right now and I never would have made the voyage if not for these:

Who needs sleep when I can get fat and have a heart attack instead?
Good times.

As always, I'm leaving you with yet another video. This one is from one of my favorite songs from the 90's. I'm actually recording a cover of this song, in parody, for Left 4 Dead. Maybe I'll share it here when done, but that's doubtful.


Melissa said...

WARHEADS! amazing. beyond amazing.

and that song is really good and i was listening to it just before :)

Anonymous said...

Er... question. What exactly is that, in the first picture...?

Laurent said...

The first picture is poutine o: . Like the best french canadian meal you'll ever eat!