Saturday, January 24, 2009


You guys realize that I have a tracker on my blog, right? That nifty little box over on the right gives me all kinds of interesting stats; not just how many people visited this page or that sort of thing.

To the person who comes to my blog every Monday morning, using Internet Explorer 6 from Laval? You're running Windows ME and that is terribly worrisome, buddy. All the same, I love that you always come to my blog directly after reading's main page. It's very flattering to think that right after you've caught up on significant world events, you like to come see what is going on in the land of Jav.

To the Mac user from the UK who stumbled upon my blog, I'm assuming by accident, through googling "how do I use javex to clean the blood off my jeans", I have to say, I had hoped you'd know better. Javex is -terrible- for your jeans and will end up bleaching them to death, ruining both the color and fading them out insanely beyond that. If you want my advice, let it soak in warm water for a while then give it a good wash with a strong detergent.

As a side note and point of pride: I just beat Mega Man X entirely in 43 minutes and 22 seconds. Bad-fucking-ass.


christina d said...

LOL "how do I use javex to clean the blood off my jeans"

Maura Iemma said...

how can i track my blog? tell meeeee

Nick Brygidyr said...

You made me paranoid now. I feel i HAVE to comment now haha.

jav said...

Maura: All you have to do is click mine, it'll bring you to the site I got it from. Register, pick the one you like and it'll give you a code to copy; just add that to your sidebar or wherever on your blog and you're set. To check the stats, just click the tracker and open up page loadouts.

Nick: Haha It's kind of a dual-edged sword. Sure, I know who is watching, but they're still the ones watching me in the first place!

Nick Brygidyr said...

Sounds like you're the paranoid one then! =P

jav said...

Maybe! But I'm also a bit of an exhibitionist, so who can really say for sure?