Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally, Let's Distinguish When Connections Fall Away

Funny thing, exhaustion. Not Ha-Ha funny in the comedic sense of the word, nor is it ironic, or even so much as an amusing notion as it is a peculiar thing. I've just now slept for about half an hour. When I came around, realizing what had happened, another realization occurred. I'm more tired after now having slept, thought only briefly, than when I had been awake for an extended period of time. Worse still, I'm now groggy and uncoordinated, which is making things harder than they should be.

Also, as much as I appreciate the concern of some, please stop suggesting that I "just take sleeping pills." If it were that simple, don't you think I would have come up with the idea myself a long time ago? The simple fact is that I hate unnecessary medication and loathe having to rely on some pill just to function "normally".

Anyways, all this to say I felt better having not slept at all than I do now, having finally gotten a bit of rest.

At the moment, I'm having a Hannibal Lecter marathon. I started with Manhunter, went into Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal and just now started Red Dragon, which is my personal favorite.

My writing is essentially out of practice and worse, I have a whole slew of assignments due over the coming week...

but none of that matters because this is Superbowl Weekend. Blah, blah, blah, I know, why should a Canadian care about American Football, or why do I care about sports at all, I've heard it before and the answer is just as simple:

A) The CFL is just an outright cluster fuck of suck. An epic-fail fiasco, I don't care what anyone says. I love our country and all, but wow, the CFL is a child that should have been aborted twice; once with a coat hanger and again with a well-placed Falcon Punch straight to the gut.

b)How can you not love strategy and violence? That's really all there is to it. Not surprised that my team didn't go all the way this year for a second season straight, but hey, anything is better than another Patriots victory. Who'd have thought the Cardinals, of all teams, would get into the playoffs, let alone the division champs, let alone into the superbowl at all. The Steelers are still going to crush them, but hey, they made a good run of it. Many beers will be ingested, many nachos and chicken wings will be consumed.

Thanks to a conversation today, my love for the tamagotchi has been restored and I'm eagerly seeking some out. Not just any dollar-store dino will suffice, either! I'm looking for one of those bad-ass ones that could connect to the others and fight! Or, better still, those Pokemon tamagotchi like the Pikachu or the Togepi. I will not rest until I have a new digital pet.,

I can't stop listening to the more recent Damiera album. It is outright brilliant. Essentially, they sound like the love child of The Fall of Troy and Minus the Bear.

Immure - Damiera

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