Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Think Happy Thoughts.

Sorry about that last post, I'm probably going to be taking it down later. I miss writing and haven't been able to find any motivation to do so lately. It's partially because I'm nowhere near the level I used to be at.

I'm just writing this post to kill time, honestly. I can't sleep and have nothing to do until my movie finishes downloading. If you haven't guessed by the piece I wrote, I'm in a very Pan-ish mood, and so I've decided to download and watch Hook, which is, next to Fight Club, my favorite movie of all time.

Tonight's Gossip Girl was spectacular. I can't believe Dan/Aaron. I hate them both so much, it's incredible. Also, Rufus is a dick and I hope he gets leprosy. I really do. Oh Chuck, why do you insist on pushing Blair away? So sad. The show needs more Eric. I love his Grandmother, she's such a bitch.

Last night's Dexter? W-o-w. Best episode of the season, so far. I mean...I knew he would eventually have to kill Miguel, but this soon? That was epic. Oscar knows, I'm sure of it. He knows and he's going to lash back at Dexter. It's going to be great.

New Years Eve is coming up quick and not only do I not have any plans, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be spending it home, alone. My parents are going up-north with my Aunts and Uncles, my brother is going to Cuba with his friends and most people are going up north or something to the chalet party. I might've considered even going to that if someone had told me before it had filled up and all the down payments were due.

Well, that's all.

Goodnight, internet.


christina d said...

i watched gg at 5am yesterday....
and during the last 30 seconds, i cried and cried. WHY ARE CHUCK AND BLAIR SO PERFECT?

Kristen said...

My only concern is...did Dexter kill Miguel in Laguerta's home?! Did I miss...something? Where the hell was she? And how quickly does Dexter work? But yes, I loved the part where he said...
"I killed my brother. And I killed yours, too."

Melissa said...

i know you don't know who i am, but we know some of the same people and your blog is very interesting to read. :)
gossip girl was amazing..and i cried, as did chrissy.

have a good day!

jav said...

Chrissy: I love perfect the music in this week's episode fit the theme of it. I mean, that's arguably one of Bloc Party's best songs. It definitely helped bring about the water works. Chuck is a beautiful, beautiful creature and Blair is simply magnificent. I -need- them to be together. It's not right! Also, just because I notice small things, Chuck's handwriting is gorgeous.

Kristen: I think he did kill Miguel in Laguerta's home, but he's crafty enough not to have left any evidence behind. She was still at the office, trying to figure out what the hell to do.

Oh man, I loved Dexter being completely himself with Miguel.

Melissa: Thank you, I'm flattered! I think this was one of my favorite episodes ever. I wish I could've cried come the end of it!

andru said...

"Rufus is a dick and I hope he gets leprosy" HAHAHAHHAA