Thursday, December 11, 2008


This may be a bit graphic, so please skip this next bit of text or bear with me through this. Puking out of your nose is, by large and wide, the worst thing I have ever experienced. Now, anyone who knows me knows that me saying that is quite a mouthful. I won't get into all the stupid and sometimes painful things that I've done, but believe me when I say that's an extensive list. It feels as if you face is exploding and all the pressure behind it is firing out of your nasal cavity. At the same time, it hurts to breathe and the smell, well, not only isn't it pleasant but it actually stings.

Or, in other terms:

It felt as if a hundred angry cats were set on fire, given rabies and switchblades and made to fight for dominance inside my throat. All the while a flood of suck and unhappiness is forcibly exiting both my mouth and nose at the speed of projectile vomit. At the same time, my stomach is revolting as if the civil war; let me assure you, the south did rise in this instance. It gives new meaning to feeling like shit. Game over, man. Game over.

This has been going on for the last 48 hours and I can't go on this way, I really can't.

I got a nasty bit of food poisoning yesterday afternoon. My brother and I were eating chinese from the place near our home and, well, I'm guessing it was the baby-back ribs since they were the only thing I ate that he didn't, and as he is fine, I assume it to be true...anyways, at first it wasn't so bad. I felt nauseous, of course, but it was bearable. Soon after arriving home, I felt that terrible feeling. You know what I'm talking about. That sickness is your chest right before the bile actually starts to rise. That constricted and heavy feeling, you know the one, I'm sure.

For reference, I spent most of last night and this morning cuddling a toilet bowl; an occurence that usually only occurs on the worst of my drinking benders. At least when I'm drunk, it feels nice!

Thankfully it has slowed down considerably, but I'm dying.

I hate being sick.

I also hate that I've got NOTHING TO DO.

I took time off work because, well, it's the holidays and my break from school! I wanted to make the most of it! Unfortunately, almost everyone else is busy and there were only so many things I could do on my own.

Someone needs to rescue me; hot soup and good movies would be greatly appreciated.


Melissa said...

oh my, that sounds terrible and i definetly take your word for it being as horrible as your described. i really do hope you get better soon though and if i knew how to make soup i'd gladly make some for you.

where do you work? i'm sitting here at my desk at reading blogs when i should be doing work, but procrastination is a good friend of mine :)

jav said...

If I knew how to make some, I'd be enjoying it myself. Unfortunately, as much as I love to cook, soup still eludes me. Sad times.

I work at a branch of HSBC bank, doing collections. "You owe us money, now pay up!" Sorts of things. I'm also tech-support for my Dad's business, but that's really a work-from-home-when-time-permits sort of gig.