Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nectar of LIFE.

This makes everything better.
This makes my day complete.
Without this, I am but a shell of myself.
With it, I move mountains with ease.

I'm not even kidding, apple juice is my fucking crack.

and I just bought about 40$ worth of apple juice, so I am in heaven.
Soooooooooooooo much love for apple juice.


Melissa said...

40$? oh my. apple juice is quite good, i do agree. :)

Simonne said...

I love piss-looking juice too :-)

christina d said...


i LOVE apple juice.

i buy a huge carton of oasis apple juice at least once every 2 days. it's the best remedy for hangovers haha

Anonymous said...

you're so cute!!! i love apple juice too!!!

jav said...

Melissa: I'm an excessive creature by nature, so yeah, 40$. The tragic thing is that I'm already half-way through my supply!

Simonne: Piss-coloured things are generally yummy. I mean, look at apple juice and iced tea!

Chrissy: Yesssssssss it is the ultimate in feeling better. Not just for hang overs, either! Oasis is good but the real classy apple juice is Rougemont or something to that extent.

Anonymous person: WHO ARE YOU? Haha, sorry, I'm just incredibly curious.