Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Long Johns Save Lives.

5:54 a.m. at time of writing! Well, it's pretty unsurprising that I'm still awake, wouldn't you agree? At this moment, I've only just finished one of my final essays and I can tell you, my head is ready to cave in. 10 glorious pages written on the contrasts and similarities between the free-print market revolution of the 17th century and our modern day internet-media revolution! Specifically in the cases of Alexander Pope's Dunciad v.s. Wikipedia, Swift's many satirical essays on politics v.s. Bill Maher and satirical news-comedies and, my personal favorite, Jesus v.s. Godzilla. Ok, so I'm only kidding on that last bit, but can you imagine such an epic battle? I'd be hard pressed to pick a winner, if I had to. Speaking of ridiculous battles, for those of you who follow politics, what's up with Harper getting Voltron'd? I've got no love for the man, but really what a sly and underhanded move by other parties. You'd expect it from the Bloc and maybe Layton, but the Liberals too? Oh well, coalition government time! As if the fall of the republic in Star Wars taught us nothing!

...I know, even I can't believe that I made that reference.

I need a shopping buddy, I really do. I've been out by myself lately and quite frankly, it's boring. I'd much rather have a friendly face with me to pass the time. Talking to strangers can be interesting, but it loses the novelty fairly quickly. And, honestly, I need someone with me to keep me from walking into an EB Games or a Future Shop and blowing all my money on gadgets and games.

For example, I recently bought a 750gig portable hard-drive just because it looked sort of like a flask and had nifty lights on it. Mindyou, I did need the extra storage space, but not that badly! Or better still, that HDMI cable I bought so I can sync my t.v. to my laptop and run my games through 51'' of high definition goodness. Sure, it pixelates and there's the occasional visual distortion, but I can cope. I've been debating getting a projector and screen for my room. I've always wanted a t.v. the size of a freaking wall. Then again, I do need a new phone as well...ah, I love far too much love for machines. John Connor would not be pleased with me.

...I need to stop making nerdy references.

Well, there's...slush on the ground that was once snow and it looks like we'll be getting more soon, so two things are happening in my world; I'll become ever more the recluse and I'm frantically searching for as many pairs of long johns as I can find. Bit of a winter tradition, but also a necessity for me! Those things keep me nice and warm, without them, I'd be lost. Winter also means a lot more reading done outside of academic purposes for me. I've been into Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre of late. Probably one of the finest pieces of existential literature that I've come across. The scary thing is how utterly and completely he disregards most notions of self, portrays us all as witty monsters, selfishly fueling this insatiable lust for significance and recognition. A much darker view than I expected, but intriguing nonetheless. In message and theme, it isn't at all far from L'etranger by Camus. After this, I finally have a copy of the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins to feast on.

I know I said I'd limit my rants, but a new one is already in the works. You'll soon see! Alas, for now, I think I should exit stage. I have an intense urge to get a Tim Hortin's breakfast thing. The eggs, sausage and bacon between a bagle. I want to kiss whoever decided to put these things together right on the mouth.

In the spirit of my nerdishness, I leave you with this youtube video I found. Someone wrote a love song based entirely on Mario Kart. Freaking. Mario. Kart. It is the cutest thing ever, by far.


Josh on the Bside said...

hahahaha, hahah VOLTRON'D.

it's not democratic but a coalition government actually represents the majority of people so maybe.


new york times call this a political crisis. harper is going to dissolve parliament though, that is a sly and cowardly move.

jav said...

It -would- represent the majority, I agree, but I don't like that they chose Dion as the figurehead for the coalition. He was on the outs from the Liberal Party, how could he run something this massive? Not that I trust Layton anymore.

All the same, anything is better than Harper at this point. He's got a strangle-hold on the country and completely depleted the surplus we've had for the last 8 years.

Either way you look at it, democracy is dying. I don't think Harper can dissolve Parliament without the go-ahead from the Governor General, I'm hoping not. He'd rather watch Canada collapse by his own hand than have anyone else fix his mistakes.

Joanna Gatti said...

Oh my! That was so adorable! He has such an awesome voice too! Honestly, who in their right minds would ever think to make such a cute love song about mario kart.
I shot gun it as my wedding song..haha!

Nick Brygidyr said...

jav, write an entry abou the "wet shrimp". you should know what im talking about.....(mystery)

jav said...

Haha I don't think I'm the guy to write about it, honestly! I remember only the first 10 minutes of that night and have the haunting memory of girls just want to have fun playing as my ass got dragged out, wet, naked and cold.

Good times.