Saturday, December 6, 2008

Here's to you, kid.

Originally, I had written this long blog that was both uncharacteristically personal and far too revealing for me to comfortably leave visible here, on the internet. I've reached a strange place in my life. Maybe some day I'll re-post it for all of you to see, I'm curious what you'd think.

Instead, I'm going to opt to simply wish my Father a happy birthday and attempt to get some sleep, something I haven't done in days.

Have a good one, Dad. 53, already! Can you imagine? Oh, they grow up so fast! I wish I could find a picture of him at my age, or when he still lived in Casablanca. Oh well!

(This is Christmas two years ago, and strangely, the only picture that my father and I are both in.)

p.s. Yesterday was the long awaited get-together at Foufs, a thursday night occasion that I haven't indulged in for some time. I wish more of the old faces had managed to make it out, but I can't blame them for not showing. All the same, it was intensely nostalgic and felt, during many moments, like time hadn't gone by at all.


Kristen said...

Whoa...Daddy looks awesome.

And I get what you said about feeling like time hadn't gone anywhere at all...God, I hear that loud and clear. I went to Foufs recently and we did a toast to "the last time" because we all pretty much vowed we'd never go back.

Stefanie said...

holy crap your dad is such a babe. wowowowowowow

Simonne said...

wow you reaaally look like your dad

christina d said...

happy birthday mr. cohen

Anonymous said...

cute picture!!

and wow , i haven't been to foufs in sooo long... actually... i beleive that is how we met! lol! anyways.. take care and enjoy your holidays!