Saturday, November 22, 2008

Let's Get Down To Business!

Or at least, that's what I keep telling myself the last few nights. Oh, I know that for the sake of my scholarly obligations, I should settle and write what is expected of me! After all, I've only two short weeks before the semester ends! Still, I find myself wide-eyed and distracted at my desk, enjoying ghosts of my youth in the form of Mulan. Can you blame me? She is spectacular and I'll not hear a single word to the contrary!

Ah, December, you're approaching sneakily this year! None of your usual bravado, dumping down endless barrages of snow to torment those of us who rock their kicks all year long, despite the frigid cold! No, this year you creep in the form of chilly winds and cloudy skies. Keep this up and we might even be able to tolerate one another, December. Just maybe.

My Christmas shopping, for once, has been taken care of quite early and despite the one gift that I've yet to get, (but ordered online and should be receiving any day now) I'm all done! It's a strange feeling, not waiting until December 23rd to consider what to buy your friends and family. I may get used to this.

Left 4 Dead, kids, get on it. None of this Call of Duty nonsense! Gears of War are all well and good, but nothing says good gaming better than a relentless zombie horde. I really need to find more gamer friends, you kids and your social lives are gross.


Angelique said...

holy crap left 4 dead looks amzing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jav said...

It is beyond amazing and absolutely my new addiction.