Thursday, November 27, 2008

Escapism OR Zombies at your front door.

Next week needs to find it's end quickly, I fear I can't handle anymore sessions of non-stop essay writing. I need a reprieve! I don't even like the holiday season, but I'm craving it more than anything now, just to get away from all these papers. The absurd part is that I enrolled into the creative writing program because a) it's my field of interest, b) I wanted to get away from research papers and the mundane nature of regular academic life.

Apparently, however, I'm obliged to do them regardless and can slowly feel what creativity I once possessed slipping away. In fact, this program has greatly diminished my desire to write at all! Imagine that! Oh, it's still early, I'm aware, but it's depressing that I can be disheartened towards what has been my lifelong dream so easily!

In that respect, I've been thinking I need to find some new creative medium. I've always played guitar, but I want to start exploring other instruments. I've never been too talented at many forms of visual art, and while I cannot draw to save my life, I think I'm going to start experimenting with anything I can get my hands on. Why not, after all?

I'm uninspired, so it's time I do something about that.

As a side note, I've the overwhelming urge to punch anyone who believes in intelligent design right in the neck.

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christina d said...

maybe start painting? i thought i couldn't draw but i took a class and was surprised to see that i could !

and i feel that when we study something we feel so passionately about, it decreases the passion we had to begin with. school does that to everything it touches. i hate school and how it sucks the life out of everything good in our lives.